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by Cristian Peñas

An Interactive Journey Through Lucid Dreams

Latens is a project with a unique approach:

using real-time AI generation as a new kind of game engine.

Each experience in Latens is unique and fully customizable,

becoming the first true 'lucid dream simulator'.

Walk Inside your AI’s Dreams

You start in front of an apparently empty screen, where

there is only noise, something akin to a “pre-dream” state.

This is the entropic canvas, waiting for you to simply introduce

a text to trigger and manifest your dream-like adventure.

Generating Frames, Not Assets

Latens is focuses not only on materializing objects in real-time

through AI, but also explores a very innovative concept:

the generation of the actual frames that make up the experience, resulting in something like navigating through an interactive movie.

Jensen Huang OnlyBG.jpg
Nvidia Logo.png

“Every single pixel will be generated soon.

Not rendered: generated”

— Jensen Huang, CEO, NVidia

Jensen Huang NoBG.png

"Latent" as a Concept

"Latens" comes from Latin and means "latent" or "lie hidden".

This word evokes the idea of something that is present but not visible or manifest, something that has a potential or a reality that has not yet been revealed.

In this context, Latens can be interpreted as the artistic representation of the "Latent Space" itself, an entropic canvas where all existing possibilities and realities await to be manifested.

Future and Evolution of Latens

Latens provides a peek into a future where AI dreams, in real-time, every frame of every show we watch and every game we play.


A future where every moment in the media we consume is unique to our taste and choices.


As Latens evolves, it will explore expanding access to mobile and VR users, as well as fleshing out interactivity through adventures and minigames

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